Between Churches

  • Deep partnerships of prayer, care and action between churches will be the outcome of churches embarking on partnerships addressing unemployment.
  • Redressing the balance of power is a first step.
  • Materially resourced churches need to learn:
    -That the materially poor churches often have a spiritually vibrant life of prayer and dependence on God
    -That the wealthy do not have all the answers and need to wait on God and in silence hear the heartbeat of fellow believers
  • Materially poor churches can realise that within partnerships they have much to contribute and teach.

With Organisations

  • Izenzo recognises that there are many specialist organisations, companies and government departments who have immense resources and knowledge in the field of addressing unemployment
  • We are seeking partnerships wherever they will be of benefit to the programme or the churches and individuals being assisted.
  • We invite you to contact us if you wish to explore how we can work together

With Izenzo

  • Izenzo invites churches to enter into a partnership if they wish to respond to what they have read on this web site.
  • The partnership will involve your church doing the work with Izenzo playing a guiding and supportive role to you.
  • We would hope to link you to other churches in your area who have a similar vision