Siyabulela Nana and Ron Begbie began working with churches in the Eastern Cape Province where the unemployment rate in some of the churches was 100%. They applied the experience they had gained over many years working with materially impoverished communities to work out strategies for empowering the churches to overcome inertia. The young and old began to dream of more fulfilled lives and how God could be glorified through work. By using existing programmes, many set up by churches, the unemployment rate was reduced considerably.


To draw alongside church leaders to assess the employment situation in their congregations
To create teams to tackle unemployment through devising strategies and plans using all the available resources
To facilitate partnerships between churches focussed on :
1) Deep relationships of prayer and sharing
2) Reducing unemployment together
To seek the power of the Holy Spirit to bring about healing and restoration of dignity in work.
To record where transformation takes place and to share experiences in order to accelerate meaningful employment for all.


Izenzo is currently working with a number of churches and church leaders in the Eastern and Western Cape. Surveys have been run in a churches, small teams created and strategies developed.

In April 2018 Izenzo adopted our process(to the left).
We have found the process to be the most effective method of working as its creates ownership by the local church and also by having a local champion we are able to help train the champion with all the aspects required to run the team.


The St. John’s Parish Cape Town is a strategic partner of Izenzo. They have similar strategies to empower the church to establish social justice.

Other potential partnerships will be explored once scaling of the work of Izenzo commences.


The St. John's Parish provides oversight of the orthodoxy and orthopraxis of Izenzo.